JARETT FAJARDO has over 15 years experience in the entertainment arts industry. He is a graduate of Academy of Art University in San Francisco with a major in Illustration and conceptual design for film and television. Under the tutelage of Pixar Art Director and Instructor Anthony Christov, He garnered skills in pre-production art and storytelling. His work encompasses a wide array of artistic mediums to help create characters and visualize worlds that adapt to the needs of complex stories. He is noted as a story artist, art director, graphic artist, makeup/fx artist, costume designer, children’s book and a comic book illustrator. Along with his vast body of work with studios, networks, and industry clientele, he is best recognized for his images of creating other worldly creatures adapted for screen. Fajardo’s years of experience has inspired him to educate and guide the next generation of future artists at both the Academy of Art University and Cinema Makeup School. Between working on set and education he spends his time doing what he loves most, making art.