Based in Los Angeles, Liz Rhodes is a creative multi-tasker:  Editor, Creative Director, Writer, DJ and Makeup Artist. As a writer, she primarily focuses on artists and alternative culture. Liz currently serves as Associate Editor for Auxiliary Magazine and Editor of the Lethal Amounts online magazine. A self-taught makeup artist with an education in fine arts (painting, printmaking) Liz has worked in the beauty industry since 2013 and continues to take on projects as Creative Director to produce beauty and fashion editorials as well as portraits of creatives. Her current focus as a Makeup Artist is on commercial advertising for video and still photography in digital and print media. Liz also DJs under the moniker Nuit Noir and plays all manner of dark music, from fuzzed out garage to rock ‘n’ roll, punk, new wave, post-punk and anything in between that suits her predilection for dark and resonant music. Liz’s creativity is strongly linked to music, fashion, design, and the beauty found everywhere from the mundane to the macabre.