Special Makeup Effects

This 4-week class teaches the creation and application of multi-piece prosthetics, blood tubing, lifecasting, teeth and airbrush techniques. All students will have the opportunity to design and build a full face and neck appliance complete with a set of teeth. Students will create multi-piece molds and learn about advanced special effects lab technique, materials and processes. The Special Effects Makeup class is a must for those who want to have a career in creature and special makeup effects.

There are no prerequisites for this class, however students will have to have some lab experience, we suggest students without some background in sculpting, mold-making and application take Character Makeup and Prosthetic Makeup prior to beginning Special Effects Makeup. If these classes have not been taken, a portfolio must be submitted for review. “Daytime” and “Evening” classes are the same number of total instructional hours.


Topics Include:

Correction & sculpting, designing an appliance, dental appliances, finishing techniques, bloodwork, bladders & bidding. 


Class Duration

Special Makeup Effects 4 weeks 8 weeks




Tuition $4,000
Lab Fee $800
Total $4,800
*CMS Materials (suggested) $610
Total with Materials $5,410

Click here for schedule of dates and cost breakdown.


*Makeup Supplies

Materials are required for class. Students are welcome to purchase pre-packaged makeup kits from Cinema Makeup School or may choose to put together a makeup kit on their own. Click through the makeup kits below to see required materials.

Prosthetics Kit / Prosthetics Suplemental Kit*

*-required without purchase of character kit.

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